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Avanade Technical Expert Career Path

In 2021, Avanade launched the Technical Expert Career Path (TECP), an opportunity for our deeply technical talent that allows them to still be focused on technology and developing technical expertise, while they can grow from a consultant to senior roles. Technologists will no longer have to choose between their passion for technology and advancing their career. On this path, they will be able to keep focused on technology.

In this series, we will be highlighting the careers of the members of the TECP. This entry spotlights Eric Laan, Director Application Development Services, initiator of TECP in The Netherlands and member of the global Technical Leadership Career Path.

Creating a new career path
Eric started his career at Avanade in 2009: “I wanted to focus more on the Microsoft ecosystem with all its new cloud infrastructure and services. And work together with larger key accounts. During my time at Avanade, I have had many distinct roles and collaborated with a lot of teams during projects. Creating your own career path is very much encouraged by the company and personal career advisors. Taking the initiative and having a goal in mind has led me to gain expertise in several areas and become a trusted advisor to our clients. In my current role I create custom solutions together with our clients, focusing on effective decision making. In 2020 I worked out an idea for a new career path. Thinking about how we can grow Avanade’s technical thought leadership in the market and help our best technologists to become technical leaders.”

Career opportunity for technical talent
Avanade’s approach is shaped around IT priorities, making technology and technical excellence our best assets. Eric: “Before, our technologists progressed their careers and took on higher level roles, sometimes focusing less on their technical passion – or feeling they had to become business leaders. With the Technical Expert Career Path, I wanted to create a path for them to stay technology focused and not be distracted with activities we often see at manager level such as project or account management. Advancing their technical skills and growing their careers in a way that benefits Avanade and our clients. Next to a technical expert, they become subject matter experts. Leveraging their unique expertise by sharing knowledge, giving presentations and training. An advanced group of technologists, HR (Human Resources) and myself brought the Technical Expert Career Path to life.”

Acknowledgment of expertise
In the summer of 2020, we launched TECP and started with a small group of technologists. The selection was formed by their individual business cases and interviews we did. Considering their expertise and record of accomplishment. Based on this information we are certain we can guide our experts towards client impact and internal and external knowledge sharing. We have already seen a welcoming reaction to the launch. People value the clarity it gives on how to grow their careers and how this will be a key differentiator in the marketplace. Through limitless learning, you will discover and continuously build on your strengths. Unlocking ambitious growth and distinctive experiences. For our clients, it means we will have people at all levels of the organization, who are able to guide them through all stages of their journey. With the required level of technology and business expertise.”

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