Amsterdam Pride 2022

  • Geplaatst op maandag 15 augustus 2022
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Avanade Amsterdam Pride 2022

Pride Amsterdam is 9 days full of activities and events around LGBT+ awareness, protest, and celebration. Avanade & Accenture organized a joint event during the Amsterdam Canal Parade in which a total of 130 colleagues, partners, friends, family, and clients came together at a premium spot at the canal to watch the boat parade and enjoy a party. Let us hear from a few colleagues how it was and why these events are so important.

Siri Geluk – Why we need to take a stand as an organization
I feel proud to work for a company that is visible and bold in taking a stand in fighting for diversity, equity & inclusion. By organizing this event during the boat parade, we show how important we find LGBT+ inclusion at Avanade. Being part of the LGBT+ community myself, I feel seen, included, and appreciated by our company. These events celebrate our LGBT+ colleagues, as well as our active allies. I am happy to have received the opportunity to organize this event as the I&D and LGBT+ lead for the Netherlands. I absolutely loved it and I feel grateful to have so many lovely colleagues with whom to share my Pride.

People often ask me "Why is this focus on LGBT+ necessary? The Netherlands is already doing so well." - but the unfortunate reality is that there is still much work to be done, in the Netherlands AND worldwide. If you look at the news around the homophobic assaults, and the discrimination & racism that occurred during Pride Amsterdam, you realize why we still need this focus on awareness and growth. So no, our work is not done and no, Pride Amsterdam is not just a fun party, it is a protest. That is why I ask you to keep talking about it, even if it is an uncomfortable conversation. I am happy that at Avanade we have already spent time on this. Step by step, we can create a safe and inclusive society. It starts with you and me. Together we press for progress. Together we go beyond.

Michael de Niet – What (Avanade) Pride means to me
After having seen my 20th Pride you would imagine that you have seen it all…. But this time of year, is still special for me. This is the time when we can celebrate who we truly are and share this with friends, family, and colleagues. Especially sharing this Pride with my colleagues was very memorable for me. In my whole working career, I have never been with a company that has put such high standards on Inclusion & Diversity. And this is not just a set of slideware, but something that really reflects our true company DNA and is advocated by our international top management. I am genuinely proud to be part of this group of people where I can be my true self, feel at home, and be very much included and welcome. Avanade is just that place!

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