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Post-internship: working on new tech solutions, with Viola Braams

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op maandag 7 november 2022

In ‘Post-internship' we tell the stories of Avanadi who started out as interns and now have a flourishing career in their field of expertise. This entry spotlights Viola Braams, who was firstly introduced to Avanade via an internship, working as a Cyber Security Intern, and who is now a full time Cyber Defense Analyst.



Cyber Resilience – A Cost of Doing Business

Geplaatst door Arno Zwegers AND Jean-Paul van Ravensberg op dinsdag 26 oktober 2021

Is your organization embracing modern cyber security best practices? Avanade's Arno Zwegers & Jean-Paul van Ravensberg describe how organizations can successfully adopt a Zero Trust Security model in their latest blog.


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