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Shifting left compliance in laC with PSRule

Geplaatst door Roderick Bant op donderdag 27 oktober 2022

PSRule is an opensource PowerShell module by Microsoft that at a high level could best be described as a rules engine for objects. This blog dives deeper into what PSRule is and shares how getting started with PSRule can be a great tool to ensure continuous delivery of value to high standards.


Motion Design (Part 2): Applying animations in the design and development phase.

Geplaatst door Jean-Paul Veenendaal op maandag 4 juli 2022

Customers interact with the products we create, through carefully crafted journeys and experiences. We can see this interaction as a conversation that each user has through the touchpoints in our User Interface (UI). It is fascinating how animations in UI design can take the customer experience to the next level. It adds life to any design, engages...


Motion Design - Part 1: Improving your customer experience in meaningful ways.

Geplaatst door Jean-Paul Veenendaal op maandag 13 juni 2022

Animations in User interface (UI) design were previously an afterthought. It is now becoming an essential part of creating better customer experiences when applied subtly. When designing a product, it is not just about how something looks and feels. It is about how something works. Thoughtful use of motion design can truly take your experience to t...


Securing OT and IoT

Geplaatst door Rutger Putter AND Frans Jansen op woensdag 6 oktober 2021

How can companies using Operational Technology best protect themselves against the risks that come with vulnerabilities? Avanade recommends “Azure Defender for IoT”. Read Rutger Putter and Frans Jansen' blog and learn how you can secure OT and IoT.


Expert talk: creating infrastructures with Kubernetes and Containerization

Geplaatst door Mirjam van Olst op woensdag 12 mei 2021

As the Operations lead for Avanade I have the honor to work together with a great team and a lot of experts. For this series I will interview some of them to learn what they did to become an expert in their field. For this first interview, I had the honor of interviewing Ted van der Voorde, Kubernetes and Containerization expert at Avanade.


Zo organiseer je een effectieve en inclusieve meeting via Microsoft Teams

Geplaatst door Dex de Boer op woensdag 3 maart 2021

Virtueel samenwerken is nu belangrijker dan ooit. Het organiseren van een effectieve en inclusieve bijeenkomst vereist actief sociaal bewustzijn en leiderschap met energie. In deze blog schets ik welke uitdagingen er zijn, en geef ik je tips en tricks om gebruik te maken van de mogelijkheden die Microsoft Teams je biedt om deze uitdagingen om te ze...


Het automatiseren van je agenda met behulp van Power Automate

Geplaatst door Laurens Ruijtenberg op woensdag 25 november 2020

Nu we thuis werken vervagen de grenzen tussen werk en privé. Met Power Automate kun je zorgen dat je automatisch tijd reserveert in je Outlook-agenda.


Handige tips voor het delen van PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams

Geplaatst door Louis Herber op donderdag 7 mei 2020

De meeste mensen delen hun slides in Teams via de knop ‘Delen’. Maar er zijn ook andere manieren die handiger zijn.


Keep your SQL Database secure with Azure Log Analytics

Geplaatst door Martijn Beenker op donderdag 23 april 2020

Azure Log Analytics provides several features to keep a SQL Database secure. It helps identify anomalous or even malicious behavior and lets you create alerts. This article presents a step-by-step guide to implement and leverage this new functionality.


Enable server and database auditing through ARM templates

Geplaatst door Martijn Beenker op donderdag 6 februari 2020

This article shows how to enable server and database auditing settings using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. Additionally, it explores the public preview feature of using Azure Log Analytics as the designated sink for these auditing logs. Together, the server and database logs will help in securing your analytics landscape and the ARM tem...


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