Fight against human trafficking

  • Geplaatst op woensdag 27 november 2019
Fight against human trafficking

Sustainable Rescue together with Avanade and Microsoft announces their Next Generation Monitoring proof of concept, to monitor and measure the impact of organizations on human trafficking, by focusing on real-time data sharing in a controlled and secure environment.

About a half year ago the organization named Sustainable Rescue, which is based in the Netherlands, came to me and told me that they have a great idea and a great network. What was missing and what they needed was an IT partner to help them with creating a proof of concept to convince their stakeholders and to take to market.

The problem

Human trafficking and modern slavery are still a big problem. Not only in The Netherlands but on a global scale. Traffickers use technology like internet and social media, as an asset to attract and control their victims. Digital detection tools are playing a large role in disrupting this business model; but issues with data sharing, like data privacy rules, both within and across anti-trafficking organizations means that technology is also a liability.

The goal of Sustainable Rescue

Sustainable Rescue believes that coordinating and mapping data flows in the processes within and between human trafficking chain organizations will tackle the challenges of data collection, standardization, aggregation and data integrity that countries face in combatting human trafficking. Their Next Generation Monitoring solution can form the basis of good decision-making based on digital evidence that results in informed policymaking, sustainable budgeting, enhanced capacity building, and innovation based on continuous performance improvement.

The Solution

To define the solution, we organized four workshops with stakeholders of different parties to discuss data to collect and visualize for insights and action. Based on the collected input we made a choice for one specific case to build the proof of concept.

The solution is based on 3 components:

  1. A blockchain environment to store the shared data. This environment does not only contain a technical solution but also covenants and agreements to share the data.
  2. The specific case to land in this environment. For this case we have contact with some important stakeholders in this human trafficking chain.
  3. A dashboard to show trends and real time so stakeholders can steer or act.

Involvement of Avanade and Microsoft

Sustainable Rescue based Next Generation Monitoring on best business practices in SMART portfolio management powered by digital transformation. They needed an IT partner to not only build a proof of concept, but to build a better future to defend human rights. After a few calls within Avanade we got an investment budget from the Blockchain capability in the UK. With this budget we have made the first steps. After a while even global leadership was interested in this case and reserved some budget. Microsoft is participating in this project in hours and knowledge.

Where do we stand right now?

At this moment, even before the proof of concept is finished, some parties want to start with a pilot executing our idea and solution. We hope to start with this pilot early next year.

And this makes Avanade such a great company to work for. Off course you need to work on client sites and be chargeable but besides this, Avanade gives you all freedom to explore ideas, get the right knowledge and to meet other interesting colleagues.

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