Avanade’s New Ways of Working

New ways of working

Working in ways that
work for you


What does the future of work at Avanade look like?

The truth is that it will look different for everyone, and that's by design. Our goal is to attract, develop, reward and retain the best talent, and we believe that by offering you real and abundant choice about where, when, and how you get your work done, you can be your best self and get your work done in ways that work for you.

Find your flow.

When it comes to creating your ideal work experience, one size does not fit all. And even what fits now may not work forever.

That’s why Avanade embraces a people-first, flexible approach that values your individual preference when it comes to where, when and how you work.

And we surround that flexibility with an inclusive and diverse culture that recognises self-care and well-being as a necessity, not an option, adapting with you as your life and priorities shift.

Welcome to your work week.

 Shape work around your life instead of the other way around, whether it's starting late, ending early or adopting an Alternative Work Week schedule to pack more into fewer days.

With 60,000+ people in 26 countries, we’re good at working with people around the world, or around the corner. Remote working—and the freedom that technology offers—gives us the opportunity to thrive, whether at home or the office.

We see you.

You know what you need to be your best. At Avanade, we know well-being is different for each of us, and offer you the space and trust to find your balance. Maybe it's a different work schedule. Spending some training time on well-being. Taking a break to go for a walk. Volunteering for your favourite charity. Taking time to share about your life with your colleagues.

We want to be a force for good that promotes your well-being and we’d love you to do the same for us. We see well-being as a team sport. Together we build a healthier and happier workplace.

Hear from our people

Think all this sounds too good to be true? Hear what our people have to say about how we work.
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