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The Australian financial services industry has been going through profound transformations. To remain competitive, pension fund provider Aon Australia has made it a priority to deliver excellent digital experiences to its customers, particularly through the fund’s website.

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“We know the person, we know the last time they spoke to us, and the last action they took, and use that to inform the messages we send to them.”

Tom McCann Aon’s smartMonday Head of Member Experience


With the assistance of Avanade, Aon Australia’s smartMonday team is upgrading its website based on customer feedback and in line with technologoical developments that can provide outstanding customer experience and depth of information. It is anticipated that the new website will bring together everything employers and members need to make informed decisions about superannuation savings and retirement outcomes.


Tom McCann, smartMonday’s head of member experience, says personalising the customer experience has meant taking the “bumps” out, being more active and digitally smart in presenting customers with options. The customer connection is now a vital part of Aon Australia's strategy to drive growth, remain relevant to customers and lead by example in the industry.

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