Eneco brengt verkoop en service samen

Business Situation

Energy company Eneco is part of the Eneco Group and is responsible for providing daily energy to 2.2 million households and companies. The energy market is a relatively closed market with a lot of competition between suppliers. One of Eneco’s main pillars is therefore retaining existing customers by keeping their satisfaction level high. Eneco does this by offering sustainable, relevant products, by responding to trends—for example, by offering a smart thermostat (TOON)—and by giving its customers the best possible service.

About 1,200 Eneco employees are involved in the latter through Eneco’s customer service; assisting customers with all their questions. A well-known trend in customer care is multi-channel: in the past, consumers would only communicate with an organization by letter or phone, but today this is a lot easier via new technologies, such as social media and web chat. Although this makes it easier for consumers to communicate with a company, it certainly also makes streamlining customer service within an organization a more daunting task.

"Naast het feit dat onze medewerkers graag met de oplossing werken, biedt het ons ook de mogelijkheid om op een intelligente manier met alle beschikbare data om te gaan. Alle waardevolle informatie die het systeem ons geeft, helpt ons om klanten in de toekomst nog beter te kunnen bedienen."

Evert Jan Althuis Manager IT Retail van Eneco


Eneco mapped out all its wishes and requirements for the CRM system. In addition to supporting call center employees, it wanted the call center system to become an extension of the sales organization by being able to offer relevant products to every consumer, based on their personal situation. They also wanted the customer to become even more central and all information about the customer to be displayed on one screen, so that sales and service can actually be brought together.

After a thorough analysis, Eneco opted for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, because this solution was the best fit for Eneco as an organization and because the options matched what Eneco required from a system. The well-known Microsoft look and feel was also an advantage, because many employees are already familiar with it.


Eneco has now been working with the system for six months and the service levels were very quickly on a par with the situation before the switch to the new solution. "This is truly exceptional. We had anticipated having to initially take a step backwards, but the solution worked very efficiently right away," says Jolanda van de Meer.

Evert Jan Althuis, Manager of IT Retail at Eneco and the person responsible from the steering group, adds: "In addition to the fact that our employees enjoy working with the solution, it also offers us the opportunity to handle all the available data in an intelligent way. All the valuable information that the system gives us helps us to able to serve our customers even better in the future."


Eneco Dynamics CRM Case Study

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