Avanade worked with GroupM to provide a solution that would address their application development, infrastructure and talent resource demands

Business Situation

With 400 offices in 81 countries around the world and global staff strength of over 18,000, GroupM’s success and track record continue to grow as the world’s leading media investment management group. GroupM was faced with a wide variety of system needs and applications to cope with these multi-market complexities and these development requirements were managed by the in-house development centers in Guangzhou and Shanghai. However, with new enhancements being released every 3 to 4 months based on an ever increasing number of user requests, the task was becoming increasingly complex and costly.


Together with an initial team of around 20 Avanade dedicated software engineers onsite, GroupM began implementing a streamlined approach to support the development and deployment of their current business application using the Avanade Connected Methods (ACM) - a powerful methodology that provides a common set of repeatable methods, processes, and tools that guide and accelerate the delivery of solutions.


GroupM is now enabled to better develop and update the in-house applications which support multiple markets using the new process and solution. Beyond the improvement in the speed of development, the quality of development has also increased immeasurably with shorter release cycles providing updates much needed by end-users. Several successful projects have already been released.

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