Avanade provides NIBC with a secure and central customer database

Business challange

Consumer or corporate focussed banks all need to keep a detailed and reliable record of every customer interaction.
NIBC did not have one single corporate customer database, customer data was stored in several different operational

The bank wanted to provide their 200 corporate bankers with one central, corporate database that offered a clear view
of each unique customer, including their organizational hierarchy and a view of all the products and services NIBC offers to that specific customer.

Security was an important requirement. Both generic security like access control as well as the ‘Chinese wall’ principle needed to be covered by the solution, making sure only the
appropriate personnel has access to specific customer information.

"With the help of Avanade we accomplished our objective of one central and secure corporate client database, containing all crucial customer information and data."

Marco Witteveen COO NIBC

How Avanade helped

Following a recommendation from Microsoft,Avanade was selected on the strength of its unequalled Microsoft CRM and Master Data Management expertise and experience.
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system,
designed and built by Avanade, is now used
by NIBC corporate bankers. Avanade’s
Master Data Services database gives the
solution its power, and means all data is
guaranteed to be stored in one place and be
of the highest quality.

Results Realized

The system allows NIBC to see one data set for each customer, providing 100-percent correct data in a hierarchical view. This hierarchy view is also available on company mobile devices.
The system is the further step for NIBC towards its future vision of better integration and connected technologies across the organization. Avanade’s work has seen NIBC gain in the following ways:

  • A clearer, consolidated view of all client data and  interactions. Data is now in one place, not many.
  • Improved internal and external communications.
  • More control of record and task responsibilities.

Casestudy: Avanade provides NIBC with a secure and central customer database

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