Avanade builds and maintains new website for housing association

Results Realized

​Avanade worked closely with Vestia’s design agency to develop the site, an interaction that proved to be highly successful over the course of the project.
Once the site structure and graphical assets had been agreed, Avanade began work on the nine-month build phase, with five Avanade personnel attending to the project. Avanade has also continued with the operational maintenance
of the site, ensuring maximum uptime and a fast turnaround on technical issues.
The project scope also involved some hardware deployment (including the usual hosting servers and network components). The site also contains failover features, allowing it to remain live even during major technical faults.
The project has been a success, and despite Vestia’s financial constraints, Avanade has continued to be awarded 12-month renewal contracts.
With the current maintenance contract, Avanade supports Vestia’s IT team and content managers to keep the site live
and up to date.

Casestudy: Avanade builds and maintains new website for Vestia

"Avanade proved to be a great partner. We can rely on them to offer great service and support so our site runs smoothly."

Paula Verwey Functional Maintenance, Vestia

How Avanade helped

Avanade and Vestia jointly decided upon a SharePoint-based site, as it held numerous advantages over the previous content management and hosting system:

  • It is more flexible and much easier to scale up as demand requires.
  • Allows content to be easily managed and website updates to be implemented quickly.
  • Allows advanced security functions.


Every company needs a website that speaks to its values and messages while also being easy to use, clear and reliable.Vestia is a Dutch organization that provides affordable housing to buy and to rent. As a public-facing body it needs a simple,functional website that communicates its objectives and makes it easy for potential customers to find the information they need.In recent times, affected by the economic downturn, Vestia underwent a major restructuring and budget cut, meaning the website also needed to be altered to reflect the organizational changes. Through a recommendation from Microsoft,Vestia engaged Avanade to help it build a new website using Microsoft technologies.

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