As the world pivots to a new normal, data and artificial intelligence (AI) can provide the line of sight and insights to help organisations survive and thrive.

However, for most organisations AI has been organic, built on use case pilots and experiments. While that works great for a time, those looking to scale AI and their business results, need to consider a clearly defined path to AI maturity.

In this webinar you will hear how clients are rethinking AI and making tangible differences to their operational efficiencies, employee and customer experiences, and business results.

You will learn about:

  • Avanade’s AI Maturity model supported by extensive research.
  • Learn about our benchmarking capabilities so you can compare yourself with other organisations by similar industry, size, geography, and role.
  • Get client examples of work in each of the five categories of AI Maturity.
  • Hear best practices from our work with thousands of clients globally.

Viewing this webinar will give you access to our exclusive series of AI Maturity research reports and an offer to get a customised assessment for your organisation.

After watching the webinar, if you have any questions, please email: aimaturity@avanade.com


Gregory Fuller

Gregory Fuller
Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Solutions, Avanade

Greg brings over 20 years in the analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) industry. From Microsoft, Greg is passionate about helping customers better leverage AI, analytics, and data to develop new strategies and transform businesses in a digital economy.

Sherri Brouwer

Sherri Brouwer
Senior Director, Data and AI Marketing, Global Marketing, Avanade

Sherri has a successful track record of progressive success in both sales and marketing as a leader with extensive experience launching and managing Microsoft products in the Enterprise segment on a global level in partnerships with ISV's, Resellers and Distributors.


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