Today Financial Services companies are leaders in digital transformation programs, driving various data initiatives to generate and extract insights for competitive and market advantage.

But what does the future hold, what is next, and what do we need to start preparing and investing for?

All companies are trying to gain a competitive edge by building strong analytical foundations and upping their skills in data engineering, data science and business intelligence. Banking and Financial Services are at an advantage with a long history of leveraging data, but this advantage is relative. Join us as we share our experience in the journey to embedding analytics to advance business priorities. These new technologies and paradigm shifts all come with their shortcomings and pitfalls that even experienced business and data professionals overlook; this session should shine light on some of those blind spots.

Join our seasoned veterans Data & AI Director, Ron McKay and Advisory Lead, Charles Woodhatch in this conversational session answering questions that Avanade and our partners see shaping the Data and AI domain in the financial services industry today and for the future.

The following topics will be covered:
  • The Future of Banking – Future Next
  • Financial Services Smarter Analytics – Future Now
  • Solving for specific use cases with Microsoft’s Azure Platform – Architectures Patterns with Databricks & Synapse

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Charles Woodhatch

Charles Woodhatch
Senior Director, Advisory Services

Ron McKay

Ron McKay
Director, Intelligent Industry Solutions


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