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Break through the noise and discover technologies that will help you do what matters.



Use technology to break with conventional thinking

Get the inside track on the top emerging technologies that will help you do what matters in the next 3-5 years. Join our Digital IQ sessions and walk away with a better understanding of:
Key emerging technologies that matter – what are they, really?
Real-world scenarios where these technologies deliver impact
Potential risks and rewards to consider
Practical ways to start experimenting NOW

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Join Chief Technology Officer Florin Rotar in this exclusive learning series
Florin Rotar

Florin Rotar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Avanade

Florin Rotar helms Avanade’s Office of the CTO, where he sets the company’s strategic technology and go-to-market development agenda. He leads Avanade's Emerging Technology Group, Portfolio Management & Incubation Team and Global Innovation Team. With Avanade’s privileged access to Microsoft, Florin’s organisation helps enterprise clients do what matters by seeing what’s ahead, experimenting with new technologies and innovating responsibly.

Increase your Digital IQ in 2023

Digital IQ: Metaverse


Watch now on demand.

Understand the business value as we cut through the hype and show outcomes delivered today.

Digital IQ: Green Software

Generative AI

Watch now on demand.

Discover how to harness the potential of generative AI like ChatGPT and DALL-E while considering its ethical implications.

Digital IQ: 5G

5G Enabled Services

Watch now on demand.

Prepare for the future of “Any-G” wireless technology and how to bring value with key uses cases like worker safety, logistics and remote inspection.


Digital IQ: Innovation Made Real

Innovations in Sustainability

Watch now on demand.

Explore practical innovations in sustainability that are driving business value today.

Digital IQ: Trust

Trust in Technology

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Learn how to align your company values to build trust and resilience through emerging technologies.

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