Securely unlock business value from the Microsoft cloud

Organisations that rethink how they drive business value from the cloud are accelerating their migration to Azure, optimising as they go, and modernising their data, in order to become more resilient and more secure, while taking greater control of their costs.

While 90% of senior decision makers surveyed understood that cloud native architecture will help them to deliver new business value over the next three to five years, 88% of these executives didn’t consider themselves to be fully cloud mature.

Be prepared for anything and respond with agility.

Digital natives and leading traditional competitors are increasing business agility by unlocking cloud value, so they can respond to change quickly, get to market faster and create new digital business models that solve customer problems. In today’s market, you need to be ready for anything.

Being ready is about more than just cloud projects, it’s about taking a holistic approach to the evolution of your business. Our approach focuses on the six elements of cloud success and will help you securely unlock the value of the cloud while leveraging historical investments through application modernisation, maximising the short- and long-term value delivered to the business.

Take an accelerated approach and maintain migration momentum
Let your applications drive your infrastructure
Turn your operation into a hive of efficiency
Implement effective governance and compliance across domains
Optimise as you go to make cloud consumption visible, accountable and controllable
When it comes to security data is the new perimeter

Learn more about the six elements of cloud success

“From our experience with Microsoft, we knew it had the best mobility, security and cloud solution for us with the most complete set of services. And we knew that Avanade was the best partner to work with given its deep insight and skill set with Microsoft technology. We couldn’t have made our successful journey to the cloud without their leading-edge services.”

Patrik Ström CIO, Bonava

Capitalise on the benefits of the cloud

By adopting a cloud native architecture, you increase agility and produce measurable business results while still being able to drive value from legacy investments through application modernisation. Microsoft cloud technologies enable you to use public cloud (Azure), private cloud (Azure Stack) or a hybrid solution that seamlessly combines these technologies.


Managing Azure cost with FinOps

Reduce your cloud expenditure by 30 to 70 percent to survive and thrive.

    We’ll help you:
    • Understand and choose the right cloud approach with portfolio assessments and pilot migrations.
    • Create a business case and implementation roadmap using our envisioning expertise.
    • Accelerate rapid development of AI driven models at scale to drive new business growth.
    • Modernise applications that enhance the scale, cost and flexibility of the cloud, while still retaining control and extending the value of existing systems.
    • Standardise and consolidate your IT infrastructure, to help strengthen governance and reduce risk.
    • Drive security and compliance at every step of your Azure implementation.
    • Leverage preconfigured and integrated Azure platform services like AI, IoT, analytics and DevOps to name just a few.

    To drive business value from the cloud, you need to rethink your journey, and do more than just execute cloud projects. You need a holistic approach to your cloud transformation. With our expertise and experience, you can take advantage of the speed, scale and economics of the Microsoft cloud while avoiding common pitfalls.

    You want to accelerate your move to the cloud and optimise efficiency. We can get you there

    Making the decision to accelerate to the cloud is just the first step. To go further, you need a partner that’s been there and can help you navigate the path, that will help you rethink how the cloud can power your business forward.

    Avanade is a leading provider of Microsoft cloud technologies and we’ve implemented some of the largest and most complex enterprise deployments on Microsoft Azure. We deliver infrastructure, applications and services to successfully lead you to cloud maturity, enabling you to respond to demand and become a more agile business.

    We can help you plan and implement every step of your cloud journey, with solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business and your customers. Our proven end-to-end approach ensures seamless integration of existing systems and data into public, private and hybrid cloud environments.


    Taking the mystery out of Docker containers

    See how containers can be a part of your cloud transformation strategy.


    Maximize business value and outcomes

    Embrace new and innovative ways to conduct business by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud.


    Experience true hybrid cloud

    Take advantage of public cloud content on premises.


    Cloud application development

    Accelerate your digital growth.

    We have the cloud expertise and experience

    Cloud provides the speed you need to become resilient and adaptable. We help you achieve this faster and with less risk. We’re experts in how cloud applications are designed and managed, integrated across systems and devices, and secured and governed. We are also one of the world’s leading experts on designing, deploying and managing Microsoft cloud ecosystems.
    We take advantage of our innovative tools and methodologies, and we combine those with our 23 Advanced Technology Centers around the world with more than 24,000 skilled professionals, to provide proven industrialised offerings that quickly deliver repeatable, well-defined outcomes.
    Do what matters with your approach to the cloud

    Unlock business value from Microsoft Azure.

    Op een nieuwe manier bedrijfswaarde halen uit de Microsoft-cloud

    6 cruciale succesfactoren voor de cloud.

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    Centrica Trading credited with an industry-first migration to the cloud

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