Get the most value from your martech stack and deliver better customer experiences

intelligent CX guide As the pace of digital innovation accelerates, interest in using AI and machine learning for the enterprise continues to build. If integrated thoughtfully into a modern marketing technology stack, these advanced technologies have the potential to accelerate internal processes, reduce manual guesswork, and even improve aspects of the customer experience.

But the reality check is that two-thirds of marketing leaders believe their organisations are still not very mature when it comes to understanding customer experience, personalisation, and data analytics.¹

Our guide asks key questions and provides 4 essential steps to get more value from your martech stack today for more intelligent customer experiences tomorrow. For example:

  • What’s the current state of your customer data?
  • How clear is your customer view?
  • Does your martech help you prepare for personalisation?
  • Are you experimenting with machine learning and AI-driven customer experiences?

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¹“Connect your martech to connect with your customers”, Avanade and Sitecore, June 2018


Move from promotion to prediction

A guide to creating intelligent CX.


Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experiences happen by design.


Strategic view to personalisation

A three-step guide to speed up success.


Analytics and AI

Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.

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