Rethink Leadership: Guidance and tools to help leaders and their teams build digital dexterity.

Source: MIT CISR

We may not know what comes next, but we do know that continual change is a certainty. There is no ‘going back to normal’ and the path ahead will not be linear.

New skillsets and approaches are needed to navigate through continual change. It’s time to rethink leadership.

Only 7% of larger companies have a top management team consisting of at least 50% digitally savvy leaders, according to research from MIT CISR.

Additionally, a recent Gartner poll found 78% of HR leaders believe leaders’ mindsets are a greater challenge than skill sets in driving the success of a hybrid workforce model.

Be digitally savvy

New skillsets and approaches are needed to inspire your people and keep your organization resilient, responsible, and profitable. Choose your priority to access relevant ideas and actionable insights from across our innovation ecosystem to help you lead through continual change.

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