Avanade’s Rethink Healthcare Data Security Guide

Cyberattacks are increasing the need for healthcare organisations to rethink how data is accessed and secured. These include:

  • Poor handling of the digitisation of patient records and movement of them to cloud services
  • The use of legacy tools that are too old to keep up with modern cybersecurity needs

Confidential patient data needs to be easily accessible to staff, both on-site and remotely. The typically urgent nature of the medical industry means staff need to be able to share information immediately – there’s no time to pause and consider the security implications of the devices they’re using.


Inside this guide

We’ve developed a practical guide to help you protect your healthcare data in a hybrid cloud environment.

In this guide, you’ll find four accelerators to help create an achievable end goal, build zero trust principles, enhance threat protection and enable care teams to adopt a Zero Trust mindset. We hope you find it useful.

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