Increase marketing effectiveness

Consumers in the post-COVID-19 world expect relevant, human-centered experiences from the brands they trust. With revenue on the line, organisations must rethink how to deliver these personalised experiences better and faster, increasing marketing ROI while improving customer satisfaction.

To help them, we’re partnering with Adobe, who brings their expertise to deliver exceptional digital experiences for our clients. We’re working together to help organisations take full advantage of their Adobe Experience Cloud technology to connect data, content, design and analytics to provide high impact experiences on their preferred channels. And by connecting Adobe with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Azure Machine Learning, we empower brands with key insights and tools necessary to deliver personalised, action-oriented experiences throughout the customer journey, driving consistency and ongoing value from marketing, sales and service.

Intelligent end-to-end experiences that deliver enduring returns

Through our Adobe partnership, we help clients:

  • Gain a 360-degree view of customers and their journeys to understand needs and to identify experience frictions
  • Drive engagement, conversions, and ongoing loyalty through personalized and predictive experiences at scale with AI and machine learning
  • Ensure CX consistency across the customer lifecycle from awareness and acquisition through to post-sales contact centre and field service by connecting Adobe Experience Cloud data with Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Improve teamwork between marketing and sales teams with segmentation and insights on propensity to purchase
  • Proactively propose the right campaign for the right channel at the right time using customer insights gleaned through digital and in-person engagements

Stay connected to your customers

We can help you understand customers and provide them a better experience by maximising your Adobe and Microsoft investments.


Drive sales and campaign effectiveness with modern marketing automation

How to better connect your marketing experience with your customer relationship management (CRM).


Doubling-down on CX with expanded Adobe partnership

Avanade is committed to helping brands deliver and connect compelling, relevant experiences, which is why we’re expanding our digital marketing partner ecosystem with Adobe.


Insight Marketing Brochure

When it comes to great experiences, digital marketing is just the start.

Our creative + technology digital marketing approach pairs neatly with Adobe’s advanced marketing, creative and experience platforms and capabilities. But marketing is just the beginning. By connecting intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning and automation with human-inspired design, we help brands create and deliver compelling experiences – at speed and scale - to drive tangible business outcomes and grow customer brand affinity through superior sales and service.

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