MP Filtri improves management control and decision-making with Microsoft Dynamics

Business Situation

MP Filtri, based in Italy, is a worldwide leader in the field of hydraulic filtration equipment.

The company needed a common work platform for the whole group and was looking to adopt a new ERP system. Previously, it used different systems to manage production plants in Italy and Great Britain, as well as its two commercial branches in Germany and France. The company wanted to harmonise product management at the group level (harmonisation of codes, management with the product configurator, stock management), and improve overall cost and management control.

MP Filtri’s needs included:
  • Creation of a common and unified database
  • Greater integration of information flows within the company to improve management decision-making processes
  • Improved efficiency from the automation of business processes
  • Elimination of redundant data and systems
  • Reduction of paper documents and improved electronic communication (email, workflow, etc.)

"The implementation of the new ERP has allowed MP Filtri to centralise all the core information of the company, as well as to introduce a high level of standardisation in processes and technical structures. The choice of Microsoft Dynamics AX as the new ERP of MP Filtri Group is based on three cornerstones: the flexibility of the software; the simplicity of interfacing and integration with specific field tools such as BI, automatic warehouse, production control; and finally the interoperability in a group intercompany environment."

Andrea Canestraci ERP Manager, MP Filtri


Avanade’s approach focused on improving processes and systems and wasn’t limited to a single business area. The aim was to define an integrated action plan. Microsoft Dynamics was chosen as the new ERP system.

To ensure the project was set up correctly from the start, we carried out an analysis phase to identify the critical issues and opportunities related to improving the company’s processes and systems. The analysis focused on several key areas, including management control (using the accounting system as a model to implement a better reporting system); putting the product configurator into the technical office; refining and reconstructing company operating flows; and preparing the platform for connection with the branches.


The new ERP system has provided a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved decision-making enabled by better information
  • Increased time dedicated to strategic activities and providing higher value for the customer
  • Better clarity and structure in the activities carried out by the operations team
  • Greater capacity and faster integration of acquired companies as well as internally within the group’s business units

In addition, MP Filtri has gained significant flexibility and improved its ability to introduce changes in response to the competitive environment (reorganisation of functions and processes, creation of new business units, setting up new companies, etc.).

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NOTE: This story describes work that was completed by Concert, which was acquired by Avanade in May 2020.

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