Ovarian Cancer Australia reshapes its digital strategy

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Ovarian Cancer Australia takes action for women affected by ovarian cancer. Its mission is to be “bold, brave and brilliant” in its fight against the disease, and considers digital to be one of the company's four strategic pillars as a key enabler for its business.

“I would recommend Avanade. They’re a great bunch of people to work with. They’re fun, smart and agile, and took the time to understand our business and the challenges and opportunities that Ovarian Cancer Australia faces.”

Jane Hill CEO, Ovarian Cancer Australia


The company selected Avanade to help with its digital journey. The Avanade Advisory Services team facilitated a design thinking workshop with several of the client's key stakeholders – including women and their families impacted by ovarian cancer.


Avanade helped further define and shape Ovarian Cancer Australia's digital vision. We have also been instrumental in helping Ovarian Cancer Australia refine its strategy. Going forward, the company will execute our recommendations as it builds a new website, launches new campaigns and undergoes a rebranding project.

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