COVID-19 has created a universal imperative for organisations to take immediate action to protect their business and people. Leaders are battling to formulate growth strategies that leverage business and workplace insights from the crisis peak to gain market share during the recovery.

Having a clear Workplace Experience (WX) strategy on which to base future decisions is an imperative in the new world of work.

This new complementary webinar explores the practical steps IT, HR and line of business leaders can take to build a value-generating Workplace Experience.

Angela Salmeron – Future of Work Lead, IDC Europe – and Avanade’s Paul Beaumont – Workplace Experience Lead, Europe – discuss:

  • What business leaders need to prioritise as they seek to emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient
  • The tangible organisations can take to address immediate challenges and gain competitive advantage in the recovery
  • The steps they’ve observed organisations from different industry sectors taking to survive and then thrive as the workplace rushes through a rapid evolution

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Paul Beaumont
Workplace Experience Lead, Avanade Europe

Paul Beaumont is Workplace Experience Lead, Europe at Avanade. He helps clients transform their workplace into a creator of sustainable business value. Paul’s focus is on people and technology and how together they can deliver measurable business performance improvement. Throughout 20 years of consulting, Paul has experience across sectors including retail, government, financial services and resources.


Angela Salmeron
Future of Work Lead, IDC Europe

Angela Salmeron has over 10 years of experience in the ICT industry and is currently a research manager with IDC's European Future of Work research service, based in London. In this role, she provides coverage of key technology trends across the Future of Work, including the digital workspace, security and trust, collaborative platforms and the augmented worker.


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