Technology has redefined how people communicate, research, learn, buy and share. It has also changed people’s expectations of the products, brands and services they interact with and has forced business systems to evolve.

Government is no different. The status quo is no longer acceptable and citizens, and government staff, expect public services to be intuitive, consistent, modern, and mobile-enabled. They’ve become accustomed to the experience they receive in the private sector - immediate response time and a customer-centric experience that offers ease of use, accessibility and that is actionable.

Every city is at a different point in the journey to becoming truly intelligent by maximising the potential of technology to improve the lives of its citizens and to attract more businesses, development and citizens. As they strive to compete in a global marketplace, cities will need to put a plan in place to develop their digital capabilities. IT, procurement, and political leadership will need to understand the importance of selecting, not just a solution, but a platform for digital experiences.

Join us to learn how Avanade Citizen Services Solutions can help cities:

  • Improve the citizen experience
  • Enable cities to expand non-emergency citizen services
  • Move away from legacy technology and become more innovative
  • Integrate technologies like mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) derived from machine learning to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Create an experience that allows citizens to interact with government in the ways they expect

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Barry Givens

Barry Givens
Director, Digital Sales and Service Offerings, Avanade

Barry is passionate about helping organisations leverage technology to rethink their service experiences. With over 20 years of experience building and implementing enterprise customer service solutions, Barry brings a cross industry perspective to transformation efforts that help clients realize change.

Benoit-Pierre Lapointe

Benoit-Pierre Lapointe
Manager, Delivery lead, Dynamics CRM, Avanade

Benoit-Pierre has a successful and growing track record of in both CRM solution design and project delivery. Passionate about helping client leverage the power Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its full extent, he also has presented numerous Dynamics CRM custom solutions to different audiences such as client prospects and congress participants.

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