It’s time to rethink healthcare: Respond, Reset and Renew to deliver better healthcare services

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented times as the delivery structure for healthcare services continues to evolve rapidly. Increased demand for healthcare services and new care delivery capabilities have revealed vulnerabilities in healthcare systems around the world. Healthcare leaders worldwide continue to respond to the consequences of unanticipated high demand and the subsequent operational and clinical challenges.

Technology is needed now, more than ever, to support the industry through its rapid evolution.

With cloud technologies and AI-enabled models, healthcare organisations can achieve the highest impact and reset how healthcare works, automate more efficient business processes, design safer workplaces and better manage and predict supplies where needed most.

Join Avanade, Microsoft and Mater as we discuss some of our health strategies and industry insights, and how we can help you rethink your way forward.

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Rethink healthcare services

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Dr Nic Woods

Nic Woods
Chief Medical Officer (ANZ), Microsoft

Having over 25 years’ experience in clinical medicine and digital health globally, Nic has held diverse roles in health tech incubators, national digital health programs and medical executive leadership roles within the digital health and technology industry.

He believes this is an incredibly dynamic time to be working in this intersection with health information technology increasingly contributing to the delivery of more efficient and safer healthcare now and into the future.

His role as Health Industry Executive, Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft Australia, is to positively impact the healthcare of all Australians, through a thriving ecosystem of partners and the innovative use of technologies such as advanced analytics, AI and medical internet of things.

Jayne Barclay

Jayne Barclay
Acting Director Clinical Informatics and Digital Solutions Delivery, Mater

Jayne is Acting Director Clinical Informatics and Digital Solutions Delivery and has held previous roles as Diagnostics solutions Manager and Digital Applications Manager at Mater. Jayne is also a Clinical Reference Lead for the digital Health Agency.

With foundations in Medical Imaging, Jayne has actively pursued a career in Clinical Informatics and Digital Health. She has gained valuable experience from the roles held in both the Private and Public sectors, with particular experience in systems implementation projects, systems remediation and software development projects.

With an increasing demand to improve quality and efficiency across healthcare reform, she is a strong believer in balancing clinical and technical skills to maximise current health technologies in acute healthcare settings. She does not believe in innovation for innovation's sake, rather innovative solutions to issues that will ensure patients will receive high quality care throughout their clinical pathway.



Digital healthcare solutions that deliver benefits for patients and employees.

Rethink Healthcare for a Digital Future

5 priorities to improve the care experience, power collaboration and
inspire new insights.


Digital healthcare solutions that deliver benefits for patients and employees.

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