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The digital revolution has raised customer expectations in every industry. Insurance is no exception.

Today’s customers expect more than a once-a-year interaction with their insurance providers. But what does “more” mean? More choice? More convenience? More channels? More innovative products? More personalised service?

The answer’s simple: All of the above.

Digital technology gives insurers powerful ways to offer more. It enables new ways of workingnew ways of interacting with customers and new types of insurance products. Businesses that embrace the digital opportunity will build greater customer loyalty and drive more revenue. Those that don’t will be at a competitive disadvantage.

“Digital tools and this app in particular are a real support for customers and agents. The Aviva Italia app can provide immediate responses to a variety of needs, offering a range of useful services on the move.”

Louis Roussille Digital and Innovation Director, Aviva

The benefits of becoming a digital insurer

Digital technology can enable a range of benefits for your business, including:

  • Meeting the expectations of policyholders, employees, distribution and partners
  • Improving operational effectiveness, better management of risk and fraud, and reducing the cost of manual processes
  • Improved business agility and insights

These benefits provide value to both your customers and employees.

Digital customer: By delivering more choice, personalisation and convenience and becoming a trusted adviser.

Digital workplace: By empowering employees through the use of digital tools, boosting their performance and customer service.


Digital innovations in insurance

Winning digital customers; enabling digital interactions.

Our insurance expertise

Our insurance industry group helps property and casualty insurers, life and annuity insurers, and insurance brokers optimise their business through the application of modern technology to improve effectiveness, efficiency and consistency.

Avanade works with nine of the 10 largest global insurers by sales on the Forbes Global 2000 list. And we work with eight of the top 10 property and casualty insurers.

Our digital insurance capabilities and services include contact centre, policy management, digital marketing, core policy/billing and claims management (including mobile claims), data and analytics, enterprise and social collaboration, and more.

  • We helped one health insurer reduce average document handling time by over 50% in a department of 70 people by applying a cognitive computing solution to the workflow platform.
  • For a global insurer we reinvented its sales model, saving $3 million in cost and increasing conversion by 20%.
  • We redesigned the customer experience for one insurer; processes that were taking 24 days are now complete in fewer than five days.


Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

Next steps

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