Power-up intelligent automation for business results

Companies worldwide are turning to intelligent automation to power a digital workforce. Intelligent automation augments robotic process automation with AI technologies. As more people work remotely, intelligent automation expands the possibilities to truly reimagine how businesses operate.

Cognitive bots, not tied to a physical location, can reason and make decisions learning on the job to automate any business process, end to end. With intelligent automation, businesses can reduce inconsistent processes, accurately predict demand fluctuations and rapidly adjust without manual intervention.

Often the quickest path to automation success is to start with your most manual, people-intensive processes and look to simplify, create consistency and add speed. Speed and scale can come from harnessing the cloud, creating continuous automation and reducing error rates in those processes.

Modernise your workplace with automation

Operational improvements, combined with a focused use of your talent pool, can help you change your workplace value equation. According to an Avanade AI Maturity Model research study AI integration into business process(es) often starts with robotic process automation. Adding intelligence from machine learning and image, speech and voice recognition to your process automation can increase capacity, throughput and consistency, and create lift for your employees.

"Over nine in 10 (92%) senior IT decision-makers agree that automation is a key technology to address the emerging requirements of the digital business."

Vanson Bourne on behalf of Avanade, March 2017 IT Modernization : Critical to digital transformation

The benefits of intelligent automation

At Avanade, we focus on intelligent automation (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA) that provides the most benefits with the lowest cost and least disruption. Using intelligent automation can help you meet emerging digital expectations:

  • Increase quality and consistency
  • Enable 24/7 productivity
  • Reduce processing time up to 80%
  • Enhance flexibility and scalability
  • Improve visibility and auditability
  • Boost data quality to drive analytics
  • Manage seasonal demand cost-effectively
  • Free time for higher-value work

A step by step approach to intelligent automation

While robotic process automation will simplify your business, implementing and managing it takes expertise. Adding capabilities that enable your organisation to automatically interpret data and return results is the next level, enabling you to get quick wins and ROI. Our proprietary IP and tools help ensure the smoothest path to automation success. We help you on your intelligent automation journey with:

Rapid cost takeout: We’ll start you on a process automation journey that begins by prioritising quick wins to deliver immediate ROI.

Enable Employees: We’ll help you identify opportunities to shift employees to higher-value processes for your organisation.

Optimise technology: Then we’ll help you build a strong foundation for broader automation.

Operational transformation: And, finally, we’ll help make your automated enterprise a reality.

Find out where your intelligent automation journey can take your organisation by completing our brief, 5-question assessment.

Global expertise in intelligent automation at scale

Together with Accenture, we give you access to intelligent automation capabilities at scale. Onshore, nearshore and offshore. Either as a project or as part of a managed service. We have:

  • Completed 6,000-plus successful automations for over 350 clients across a range of industries
  • 4,200-plus business excellence and automation experts, including 1,250 supported by an industrialised automation factory
  • 400 AI practitioners
  • 1,000 data engineers
  • More certified professionals for Microsoft Azure than any other Microsoft partner
  • Partnerships with the leading intelligent automation technology providers, including Blue Prism and UI Path
  • 17-time award winner of the Microsoft Global SI Alliance Partner of the Year – more than any other partner

Next steps

Find out how we can help you power up your process automation with intelligence and AI.

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