Predict and lead in your market with intelligent manufacturing solutions

The global economy is growing at an ever-increasing pace. Product innovation cycles are accelerating rapidly. And new technologies like composite and robotic material manufacturing are disrupting traditional product development and supply processes. Keeping up with these changes is hard, and that can hamper your ability to transform and scale your manufacturing business.

To measure your current market performance and related trends and correlations, you must find ways to collect and analyze information from myriad sources, both structured and unstructured, and then mine that data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning models can help define the next steps in this process transformation and predict the projected outcomes of alternative lines of action. But the barriers to their usefulness are all too common: siloed operations, unconnected systems and poor insight.

Focus on a single, intuitive system

The answer? Avanade’s intelligent business applications for manufacturing based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our approach integrates sales, operations and service functions into a single, intuitive system and provides innovative solutions designed for enhanced employee engagement and customer experiences. Our solutions drive efficiencies, improve capacity and boost revenues to help you predict and lead in your market.

“Avanade and Microsoft were able to bring us from a paper-based company to a digital company.”

Raphael Tagliani CIO, Emile Egger

Our approach puts you on the right path to your digital transformation

At Avanade, we’ve been implementing Dynamics for the manufacturing sector for many years. We have well-established, unique assets that complement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications Suite. Our process-centric approach delivers unified platforms and guides you through your digital transformation.

Dynamics 365 for finance and operations offers a tailored process mix for manufacturers covering:

  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Project manufacturing

Simpler is smarter with Dynamics 365

A new strategy for implementing ERP technology in intelligent enterprises.


Manufacturing the future

Artificial intelligence will fuel the next wave of growth for industrial equipment companies.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Dealer

Transform your dealership into an intelligent enterprise.

Delivering solutions just for you

We develop a personalized approach based on the appropriate mix of make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order processes. Our deep knowledge of Dynamics 365 is enhanced with our own industry-focused business solutions:

  • Supply chain efficiency for best-in-class material flow and collaboration processes is achieved through portal, electronic data interchange and business intelligence technologies, as well as support for specific industry standards.
  • Flexible price calculation enables you to simulate and calculate the right prices for every product and market.
  • Advanced warehouse management individually models your in-house logistics processes and implements scanner-based material flow throughout the shop floor. It also integrates to various subsystems like automated warehouses or third-party logistics providers.
  • Production tool management provides insight into availability, cost and the current state of your manufacturing tools.
  • Advanced vendor management improves vendor collaboration and helps assess vendor performance.
  • User productivity is increased by tailoring key user scenarios to optimized flows.
  • Enterprise-scale master data synchronization provides a backbone of harmonized processes throughout complex global supply chains.
  • Advanced subcontracting processes allow you to dynamically load balance your resources with vendor resources and improve flow, while optimizing cost through your manufacturing operations.

Scale your processes with Avanade Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Our Avanade Intelligent Enterprise Solutions (AIES) is an industry-focused business process library, which fuses together the products, assets and knowledge of Accenture, Avanade and the Microsoft ecosystems. AIES matches the methodology and processes to Dynamics 365 in the cloud to help you scale and implement efficient manufacturing processes. This allows you to adapt quickly to changing market requirements.

Our global Dynamics 365 expertise

Together with Accenture, we’re the world’s largest Dynamics 365 partner and were named the 2018 Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations Partner of the Year and a Dynamics Customer Service Partner of the Year - Finalist.

Our extensive expertise includes:

  • We were recognized as a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, Q4 2017 report.
  • We’ve completed CRM and ERP projects for more than 1,200 clients worldwide.
  • We have over 2,000 Dynamics experts – many with the highest levels of Microsoft certification.
  • We offer extensive multiplatform expertise in the complete Microsoft technology stack and ecosystem.
  • With our acquisition of KCS.net, Avanade is a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Rise of the intelligent enterprise

Improve customer and employee experience and boost profitability.

Manufacturing the future

Artificial intelligence will fuel the next wave of growth for industrial equipment companies.

Flexible price calculation

Discover reliable, fast cost calculations on your terms.

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