Ready your business for whatever comes next

There is broad consensus that we’ll continue to regularly face major disruptions – whether societal, industrial, or technological. We may not know what comes next, but we do know that regular change is a certainty.

Organisations need to continue to respond to solve immediate problems and drive business outcomes, but Incremental digital transformation is not enough. Organisations that fail to renew as a digital business in 2-3 years will inevitably be sunk by disruption or a lack of revenue streams, or both. It’s time to reset as an agile, sustainable business.

Avanade Advisory helps our clients rethink how they do business and take practical actions – enabled by Microsoft ecosystem technologies – to thrive through continual change.

“Our key consideration was choosing a partner that could operate on a strategic level and also has the in-depth knowledge to deliver on an operational level.”

Edward Bouwmans Head of Infrastructure, RWE AG

Rethink your path forward

To become Future Ready, you need to be disciplined about balancing investments in operational efficiency with innovations that will engage existing and new customer segments. We recommend you focus on five priorities spanning both dimensions:

What keeps you up at night?

Accelerate business outcomes from your digital transformation strategies and investments in the Microsoft ecosystem.


Avanade Advisory partners with you to address your business priorities and accelerate outcomes:


Demystify digital transformation. Get insights from experts in our innovation ecosystem.

Client Stories

We’ve helped many businesses on their transformation journeys. Here are a few examples.

Next steps

Learn more about how Avanade Advisory can help you create and orchestrate practical digital transformation strategies that achieve outcomes faster.

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