Transform your mainframe

For organisations reliant on mainframes, these systems continue to constrain business agility and make up a significant proportion of technical debt.

Costly to maintain, with an ever increasing shortage of skills, these monoliths restrict innovation and have a significant negative effect on speed to market. Yet they are still often viewed as untouchable, too critical to address.

To do what matters, organisations are looking to transform legacy constraints into business value with a clearly defined, value oriented approach to mainframe migration and modernisation. Leading technology firms are investing the majority of their research and development funds in cloud technologies, as the cloud is increasingly seen as the home of innovation.

An End to End Approach

Every day, our 60,000 people bring industry insights, unrivalled expertise and breadth of services to do what matters for our clients and their customers. Our unique position as a global leader across the Microsoft ecosystem allows us to provide clients with end to end mainframe services from advisory, through migration and modernisation, to managed services. Our expertise, alongside our recent acquisition of Asysco enables us to provide mainframe capabilities across the full spectrum of code, data, security, operations management, networks, platforms, interoperability and more.

Through a close partnership with clients, we help organisations realise the cost, agility, scalability and security benefits of moving their mainframe applications to a modern cloud platform through a proven approach:



Execute & test


Flexibility to meet your specific business needs

Our flexible approach minimises the risk of modernisation and accelerates value. Our partnership with clients ensures we understand their challenges and create the right solutions, based on a range of factors including application size and complexity. Using our unique expertise and IP, our value-driven approach encompasses all the 7 Rs of application modernisation to identify and execute the right approach for each of your mainframe applications. There is no one size fits all but we are an experienced specialist in all areas.

Avanade Mainframe Migration & Modernization

For replatforming and refactoring, our unique AMT tooling enables us to automate the transformation of legacy code to modern languages, enabling a like for like migration. This approach creates flexibility for organisations, allowing them to blend legacy code capabilities with modern language skills and enable a gradual transfer of knowledge across your talent. With no pre-requisite software components and a transformation to cloud native code, you can continue to develop in COBOL alongside more modern development languages.

For more complex applications and where accelerated change is necessary, our additional IP, tools and assets allow us to fully modernise and reimagine applications where required – based on the business need and value.


Next steps

Discover how we can unlock new value from your mainframe.

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