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Seamless collaboration between businesses is crucial to success in today’s changing business environment. But how do you make sure every engagement is secure, each user is trusted and all files are shared safely? Will they use it for means beyond what was intended?

The answer is a third party secure collaboration proposition. One that will facilitate secure content and file sharing, reliable information protection and secure email encryption. One that will provide your IT department with the tools and technologies to control access to sensitive information. And one that’s trusted and reliable due to the nature of its business-critical responsibilities…

Avanade’s third party secure collaboration proposition gives you the confidence to securely share what you need to, when you need to. It allows you to manage who has access to what information. It facilitates users’ interactions with your business, giving you the security and flexibility to optimise the way your business collaborates.

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The benefits of Avanade’s third party secure collaboration proposition

  • Prevents the loss of sensitive business information or IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Supports GDPR readiness by protecting personal and sensitive information from loss and theft, mitigating the impacts caused by a breach with assurance that the information is protected
  • Protection can be applied directly to documents with governance baked in
  • Information can be protected at the point of download
  • Content can be accessed securely regardless of the device or OS
  • Enables you to assign application access and licenses to B2B identities
  • Allows application owners to review access on a periodic basis
  • Provides a source of authority and management for B2B identities

Let business flow – securely

Explore why it’s now vital to put secure third-party collaboration first. It’s time to take control.

How to benefit from managing identity and access

A practical guide to realising the benefits of secure third party collaboration.


Secure your collaborative relationships

See how to drive greater efficiency and protection for yourself.



Keep your data and IP safe and accessible to unleash growth, cut costs and drive collaboration.

We have the expertise and experience you can depend on to secure your third party collaboration, cooperation and communication:

  • 65,000 Microsoft-trained professionals in Accenture and Avanade
  • 60,000+ certifications in Microsoft technology
  • 10,000 projects successfully delivered for over 4,000 clients worldwide
  • 90+ Microsoft partner awards
  • 18 Gold Competencies
  • 14-time winner of Microsoft Partner of the Year

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