Unlocking agile success

The ability to adapt and change rapidly is a critical differentiator and source of competitive advantage in today’s cloud-first digital world. But getting there isn’t easy.

Many companies are turning to agile. Agile can help you connect the dots between business and IT organizations that are not always aligned in order to make your business more flexible, responsive and competitive.

"Adopting Agile seems to be the only practical approach to managing the rapidly changing, evolutionary nature of digital."

Nigel Page Digital Lead, Australia Gas and Light (AGL)

Capabilities to help you become more agile

As companies look to transition to more agile cultures and workstyles, consultancies increasingly claim to be agile experts. So what’s distinctive about Avanade’s approach to agile delivery?

Agile is an enterprise-level capability that extends to our Advanced Technology Centers and is supported by a world-class agile training curriculum. We have:

  • A partnership in principle with Scrum.org – a highly selective partnership program dedicated to advancing the profession of software development.
  • Proven experience with a broad set of clients across various business domains, technologies and distributed geographies.
  • Proven experience with scaled and distributed enterprise agile delivery across our onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery centers.
  • Industry-recognized certification with Scrum.org, including Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Developer (PSD).
  • The most Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) in a single organization

Accountabilities of a Professional Product Owner

Guidance to help you tackle the complexities of Product Ownership


Avanade uses agile to accelerate its digital and business transformation

Scrum and Nexus+ drive faster progress.


Avanade's Journey to Enterprise Agility

Dave West, CEO & Product Owner for Scrum.org interviews Adam Warby to learn more about Avanade's journey to become an agile enterprise.

Benefit from our agile expertise

If you need to become more flexible in response to constantly changing requirements, respond better to an ever-changing marketplace or gain a competitive advantage, then agile might be the right approach for you. We have the expertise to help:

  • 80-plus Avanade Agile Coaches – our change agents trained by Scrum.org
  • 800-plus certified in Professional Scrum Master (PSM) or Professional Scrum Developer (PSD)
  • 14 Professional Scrum Trainers (PST), of only 300+ existing worldwide
  • 4,000-plus trained Avanade Scrum Developers and Project Managers

Next steps

Find out how we can help you unlock agile success in your organisation.

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