Reaping the benefits of human and robot collaboration

At Avanade, we’ve been watching the next evolution of automation accelerate out of the back office into the store, the hospital, the airport floor. We’re seeing the augmentation of a human and robotic workforce through the power of physical automation. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), also referred to as “service robots,” are stepping in to fill the gaps where humans can’t or shouldn’t go; they’re inspecting equipment and assets, cleaning store floors, moving items safely from one place to another.

What we initially saw as a trend slowly evolving over two to three years is much closer than that – in fact, it’s scaling rapidly. Businesses are already reaping the benefits of reduced operational labor, increased productivity, and safer jobs and workplaces.

A guide to help you make the most of service robots

We’ve partnered with Rocos, a leading provider of a cloud-based robot operations platform, to bring you a primer on physical automation, how a robot operations platform integrates with your IoT devices, and the actions you need to start taking today to realize the benefits of physical automation.

It’s the latest in the Avanade Trendlines series on emerging trends that impact the design, innovation and technology choices of large organizations.


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