Meet Avanade’s 2019 Sitecore MVPs

Avanade is thrilled to celebrate our 2019 Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs. Sitecore MVPs are recognised around the world for their excellence in growing their technical expertise and sharing it to make a broad impact. Our team of passionate and knowledgeable experts, including these MVPs, enable us to achieve more as a Sitecore Global Platinum Implementation Partner.

These professionals continue to learn, innovate, and deliver outstanding results for our enterprise clients every day. In their spare time, our Sitecore MVPs also blog and meet with the Sitecore community to share ideas and discover new ways to create amazing digital experiences.

To learn more about this achievement and see the full list of MVPs, read our blog post on Techs and Specs.

Sitecore MVPs

Ben Morgan
Ben adds over a decade of agency leadership and client strategy experience to the Avanade team. He has a strong history of being involved with client steering groups, helping to shape digital strategy and solutions that maximise the benefits of Sitecore and other leading MarTech solutions. As part of the Avanade CoE Ben works not only with clients, but also helps to evangelise Sitecore and other Digital Marketing technologies within Avanade.
Benjamin Adamski
Ben is a Sitecore Commerce MVP who leads the Technology Team at Avanade's Chicago Digital Studio. In this role, he has led strategy and execution for numerous commerce and retail-focused Sitecore implementations. In addition to helping clients achieve better business outcomes, Ben speaks frequently on topics like personalisation and development best practices, including live presentations at events such as Sitecore Symposium. Read some of his blog posts on Techs and Specs.
Boris Brodsky
Boris is a Sitecore Architect and four times-certified Sitecore Developer with an eight year track record of successfully delivering enterprise-class Sitecore solutions. Boris also has 17 years of cross-platform experience with a focus on helping enterprise clients realise the full potential of Sitecore. Read some of his blog posts on Techs and Specs.
Chris Lowndes
Chris is a multi-year Sitecore Technology MVP who continues to help clients accomplish more with the experience platform. He participates in Sitecore community activities and conferences including Sitecore Symposium.
Craig Taylor

Craig is honoured to once again be awarded the designation of Sitecore Technology MVP. He has been working with Sitecore for more than ten years, starting with Sitecore version 6.1. Having worked with the product for so long and having many implementations under his belt, there is not much that he hasn’t seen when it comes to project requirements and objectives. Some of his most-recent work at Avanade includes projects for clients such as Microsoft, a major pharmaceutical brand and one of the world’s largest energy companies. Craig is a six-time MVP who thrives on educating clients on how Sitecore can transform their business.

Derk Hudepol

Derk is an experienced software engineer who has earned Sitecore Technology MVP credentials several times thanks to his deep understanding of and extensive work with Sitecore. He is an active participant in conferences and events like Sitecore Symposium and Sitecore User Groups.

Jeroen De Groot

Jeroen is a Sitecore architect at Avanade with 10+ years of experience architecting and developing large scale solutions. He has a proven track record of implementing Sitecore solutions at a variety of enterprise clients. Jeroen has presented both publicly and privately for internal Avanade and client audiences as well as user groups.

Read some of his blog posts on Techs and Specs.

Katsuyuki Ogura

Katsuyuki works on the Avanade team as a software engineer, supporting clients to expand and improve their website experiences, beginning at the planning phase. He also advises on how to best operate Sitecore, upgrade, and accelerate digital marketing.

Norihide Tokuyama

Norihide is Avanade’s Digital Marketing Offering Lead in Japan. He is honoured to be awarded the title of MVP. He has worked on Sitecore projects for about seven years and delivered many solutions for clients. In recent years, he also provided digital marketing consultation services to clients. This ensures that our clients can provide a better customer experience based on Sitecore. He is excited to continue to offer valuable solutions with digital marketing consultation and Sitecore delivery.

Steve Ebrahimi

Steve is a Senior Director who oversees several of Avanade’s Digital Studios in North America. He is an active member of the Sitecore community and his speaking engagements include a track session on Accessibility with Sitecore at Sitecore Symposium in 2018, co-sponsoring and championing the Atlanta Sitecore User Group, monitoring and participating in Sitecore’s online channel conversations, and more.

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