Investing in the future of young women

Avanade has a mission to enable young people (especially young women) to achieve more through the power of our people and digital innovation.

We care about the people and places where we work and want to make a genuine human impact by inspiring the business and technology leaders of the future. We care about the future digital workforce, and in particular the diversity of that workforce. And we recognise the importance of attracting more young women to study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. That’s why we created the Avanade STEM Scholarship.

Our STEM Scholarship invests in the future of young women and offers internships, mentoring and a support network to help recipients achieve their education and career growth. We have partnerships with nine prestigious universities around the world — and since the program’s launch in 2015 we have provided scholarships to 57 young women, with more scheduled for 2018/19.

Collaboration with leading companies ensures that we deliver the right digital solution for you and your customers.

Universidade de Tecnologia de Swinburne

“Many guys tried to dissuade me. Computers are not for ladies, you’d better be a teacher or a nurse…but not computers. So I thought, I am going to do it!”

Tatiane Kambwa Democratic Republic of Congo Avanade STEM Scholar at Cal Poly Pomona

Meet our Avanade STEM Scholars

We asked some of our STEM Scholars from around the world what the scholarship meant to them.


Human impact: Nandita’s story

Avanade made a genuine human impact for a STEM Scholar; now she can make a difference for others.

More about Corporate Citizenship

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