Empowering non-profits through digital technology

At Avanade, we care about the people and communities where we work and live. We want to bring the power of the cloud and digital technology to non-profit organisations to digitally transform their workplaces and accelerate their social impact.

We know that non-profits and the social sector as a whole face systemic challenges in using technology. They lack scalable industry solutions and technology talent. In addition, they face accelerating financial pressure stemming from the lack of affordable technology services – cloud services in particular. Couple this with the increasing need for cybersecurity and the demands of donors for more transparency, and it’s easy to see that systemic change is needed.

“The social sector, non-profits and NGO’s face many challenges and are typically behind in the adoption of digital technologies, and that is where Avanade, partnering with Microsoft, can really help. Our solutions will be cutting-edge, relevant, affordable and repeatable and designed to solve the complex issues faced by non-profits.”

Pamela Maynard President, Product and Innovation

Creating change through technology

We can help bring about the change needed and make a genuine human impact with our Technology for Social Good program, which consists of repeatable solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the non-profit sector. Solutions include Donor Management and Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Grant and Award Management, Sourcing and Supply, to name a few.

Our goal is to become a trusted partner to non-profits for delivering Microsoft technologies globally. As Microsoft’s leading alliance partner, we can provide affordable technology services for IT strategy, delivery and training for the non-profit market – helping to create significant social impact through the power of technology.

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Avanade Launches “Tech for Social Good” with Microsoft Philanthropies

Avanade launches “Tech for Social Good” with Microsoft Philanthropies.


Avanade helps non-profits through Technology for Social Good

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