290,000 users join the cloud: Accenture’s seamless take off to Office 365

Business Situation

Known for its role in assessing and optimising  the performance of numerous high-profile businesses and governments, in this case Accenture needed to review the spending and efficiency of a major department within its own organisation.

With contracts up for renewal and the prospect of expensive and time-consuming upgrades ahead, Accenture was looking to improve the efficiency of its IT services, without adding extra costs.

To date, Accenture had been using a suite of on-premises services that included Microsoft Outlook and Office Communicator, but over the years had recognised  that running services on-premises was an expensive option. It involves running costs for operations staff, hosting and storage, as well as the cost of equipment depreciation. It all had to be continually kept up-to-date, maintained and monitored.

​"As we locked in our business case and we knew the savings per month that we were going to generate, the desire to move quickly to achieve those benefits was important to us. At the same time, we couldn’t face any disruption along the way."

Bill Hub Managing Director of Workplace Technology and Collaboration, Accenture


One year on, Avanade and Accenture have completed one of the biggest ever deployments of Microsoft Office 365: involving more than 290,000 users, 11,000 sites and across 54 countries. Within this first year, the solution paid for itself.

As a result of its move to cloud, Accenture was particularly looking to achieve the following objectives:

  • The move should be paid for from the savings generated from the transition
  • Deliver a seamless migration without any degradation in service levels to staff
  • Show immediate improvements, especially in regard to mailbox maximum storage levels


Despite the host of considerations that Accenture had to bear in mind when migrating to Office 365, the move was completed on schedule and produced the anticipated project savings.

Within 12 months, Accenture had accomplished its business case as a result of the move to cloud.

On the whole, users noticed very little differences in their core email service, other than the fact they now had more space to utilise.

What’s more, users are now experiencing additional functionality – only realised  in a cloud environment, such as easier collaboration and file management.

Over the course of a year, Avanade and Accenture achieved the following:

  • 290,000 users moved to Microsoft Exchange Online
  • 13,000 Microsoft SharePoint Online sites created
  • 130 TBs of data moved


Accenture – Estudo de caso do Office 365

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