Microsoft Dynamics AX enables transparency and economies of scale for European retail organization AkzoNobel

Business Situation

The paint manufacturer has retail chains in seven European countries that sell paint to professional decorating businesses and—in some cases—to consumers. Each of these retail chains operated autonomously and used their own systems. Many of the shops developed their own solutions that no longer met the standard requirements that AkzoNobel applies to its systems. Each country also has its own purchasing organization and centralizing purchasing can achieve more economies of scale with the ultimate goal of increasing profit margins.

As AkzoNobel wanted to gain insight into the ins and outs of all of the sales organizations on a European level, a system that would deliver this information was required.


Avanade became involved as the implementation partner in the project because of the company's knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX and its wide ranging experience with implementation on a large scale.

The central (core) system was set up in the Netherlands by AkzoNobel and Avanade. The roll out phase began on January 1, 2013. At this point, the system was already in use in England and in Denmark. A local project team was put together in each country to test and roll out the system and to ensure sufficient training was provided for staff in the shops (via eLearning or central meetings).


The functionality of the ERP solution is already delivering benefits in England and Denmark. Employees can provide better advice for their customers because all of the customer information is available at a glance.
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AkzoNobel Case Study


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