Large healthcare system extends cancer case reviews to three times more patients

Business Situation

To help improve cancer care, this large healthcare system runs a tumor board program where doctors and nurses from different specialties meet to collectively review and discuss cancer cases. Due to varying and demanding schedules, they could not always physically attend meetings to provide their input. The organisation partnered with Avanade to help it create a collaborative digital workplace platform where employees could participate in the process anytime, anywhere and on any device.


During a one-day workshop, Avanade presented a prototype of the virtual tumor board using Microsoft Office 365 tools. We then developed the pilot solution and trained employees to use Teams and OneNote to conveniently access, share and comment on case files. SharePoint and Power BI reporting capabilities allow the organisation to better track patient diagnoses and treatments to comply with various regulatory and grant requirements.


The benefits of the virtual tumor board are wide-ranging:

  • More doctors and nurses now participate in the program, processing three times the number of patients;
  • Hospitals accelerate the time for diagnosis and treatment and can better track their cancer care process to inform strategies for improving patient outcomes; and
  • Patients can rest assured that their treatment options are based on a broad range of expertise.

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