Asian Venture Philanthropy Network builds a cloud strategy to increase employee engagement

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Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) helps make the world a better place. The Singapore-based non-profit funders’ network is committed to building a vibrant, high-impact philanthropy and social investment community across Asia by connecting its nearly 500 member organisations with charitable groups in need of services.

As it continues to help grow Asia’s social economy, AVPN found that its existing CRM system was no longer able to meet the needs of an organisation its size. Functionality limitations offered no easy way to share information or consolidate a 360-degree view of its members and supported groups. Users had to manually pull data and reports from separate sources on an ad hoc basis, opening the door for potential miscommunication and errors.

“Avanade’s assessment of our current CRM process was very eye-opening and helped us to identify new pathways forward. The Avanade team was instrumental in building our transformation strategy going forward.”

Kevin Teo Managing Director, AVPN Knowledge Center


AVPN turned to Avanade to assess the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics and build a strategy to address its challenges to help enable its transformation to an intelligent enterprise. Avanade's team conducted a multi-day, cross-functional workshop with client stakeholders to assess AVPN’s CRM issues and to gather requirements from across the organisation. Following this engagement, we assembled the findings, created and delivered a comprehensive assessment report, which supports the business case for Dynamics 365 and outlines a blueprint for implementation and integration. Avanade aims to empower people-first operations and platforms that remove complexity and improve communication among team members.


Avanade’s engagement was completed in just two weeks, proving that building an impactful transformation strategy doesn’t have to be a lengthy, complicated process. AVPN’s CEO and managing director were pleased with the assessment report and recommended direction, agreeing that Dynamics 365 is a viable platform for growth and transformation as the organisation expands its mission to promote and facilitate social investments across Asia.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and engage with the Avanade team to enable people-first, intelligent business applications for the era of intelligence.


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