DNV GL facilita a tomada de decisões baseada em factos para colaboradores e clientes

Business Situation

When non-technical employees across DNV GL started to use on-demand, software-as-a-service visualisation tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, a challenge emerged. The tool was bringing more data insights to more people and enabling better decision making. But there was no complete governance solution in place to prevent undue risk.


DNV GL embraced the opportunity to empower workers and develop a data-driven culture — in a safe, governed and compliant way.

Partnering with Avanade, they received a full report and a roadmap for creating a governance model, with detailed recommendations. The solution helped DNV GL establish the guidelines on how to scale, work and develop for Power BI, while ensuring it was secure and user friendly.


DNV GL has improved its ability to support fact-based decision making, in a way that won’t expose the company to unnecessary risk. The client also says the solution will drive productivity and improve customer experiences and services. Notably, they are now able to give customers more useful insights and add value by embedding Power BI reports into specific applications, platforms and customer presentations.

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A DNV GL incentiva a tomada de decisões com base em factos para colaboradores e clientes

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