Europ Assistance Belgium prepara-se para o futuro ao adotar a tecnologia de cloud

Business situation

Europ Assistance specialises in assisting people with various travel, driving, family and health care needs. Originally, the company’s Belgian office operated 120 servers on-premises, leading to significant issues such as capacity limitations, high maintenance costs, cooling problems and security threats.

To lower costs, expand data storage capacity and improve IT security, Europ Assistance Belgium decided to migrate its data to the cloud rather than investing in new on-site infrastructure. As the company did not have enough manpower or in-house expertise to manage the cloud infrastructure itself, it recognised the need for dedicated specialists to guide it along its digital transformation.

The value of IT is enabling business, not managing infrastructure. We made the choice to stop losing time and money in infrastructure and partner up with Avanade, a trusted organisation capable of managing our cloud infrastructure. This allows us to free up time to focus on our core business.

Michel Kennis ICT Director, Europ Assistance


Avanade was chosen as the right vendor for this project due in part to our extensive knowledge of Azure and expertise in managed services. The company was confident that we could help accelerate its business, reduce costs, improve security and increase agility through this engagement.

Avanade initiated the project with a cloud transformation workshop with key stakeholders in Belgium. As part of this process, our team performed an Application Roadmap to Cloud (ARC) assessment to develop a migration and modernisation strategy for all existing applications. This gave the client an in-depth roadmap of the steps required for its transformation journey. Avanade recommended that the Azure Site Recovery Service be leveraged to migrate the workload to a full Azure IaaS infrastructure.

The complete project consists of two parts: the infrastructure migration to the cloud and the setup of managed services. Europ Assistance Belgium’s cloud transformation journey kicked off with the migration of its on-premises datacenter infrastructure.


Avanade and Europ Assistance Belgium have completed the basic infrastructure migration to the cloud, and the client is already seeing benefits for its employees, including:

  • The ability to telecommute
  • Continuous monitoring of the cloud infrastructure helps with proper forecasting, enabling quick response during peak times throughout the year
The cloud migration in Belgium is a fundamental step towards Europ Assistance’s larger digital transformation journey, and it will allow the company to become more agile and innovative.

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