Flight Centre’s digital transformation accelerates

Flight Centre Travel Group is one of the world’s largest travel agencies with more than 30 brands and $20 billion in total transaction value globally. Following its vision to provide customer service that combines technology with the human touch, the company is accelerating its digital transformation to modernise and systemise the way it interacts with travelers across the globe.

Avanade is helping Flight Centre design and deploy new cloud-based systems that will help the company gain insights into its customer interactions and better manage the sales and service process. With powerful analytics capabilities, artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobility, this scalable solution will help optimise how Flight Centre travel agents connect with and serve travelers.

Learn more about unifying CRM and ERP in the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Avanade and say hello to the next generation of intelligent business applications.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integre capacidades de ERP, CRM e Office 365.

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