Avanade collaboration solution binds Fujitsu

"Avanade’s methodology helped us eliminate siloed communication, leveraging Sitrion Social Site’s full functionalities."

Mitsuhisa Yoshida Fujitsu senior manager


Avanade proposed Sitrion Social Site as a preferred solution, based on its compatibility and high connectivity with SharePoint, ability to handle large user volumes, and overall flexibility and versatility.


Avanade collaboration solution binds Fujitsu

Business Situation

Recognizing that pooling its intellectual capital was key to transforming its business performance and unlocking value, Fujitsu enlisted Avanade to implement its ‘one company’ vision through a global communication platform that leverages the ‘global power’ of its skills, assets, and knowledge and enables easy sharing of information, knowledge, and best practices.


The solution will help Fujitsu reach employees working at its 151 locations, utilizing multi-device channels, resulting in improved information- and knowledge- sharing, better cross-functional team collaboration, enhanced proposal quality, smoother project implementations, increased communication frequency, and a strengthened sense of solidarity among Fujitsu employees. 

In 2015, Fujitsu will extend the platform’s footprint to include its nearly 170,000 employees operating from both Japan and its overseas offices.

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