Heineken melhora relacionamento com o cliente através de novo call center

Business Situation

Heineken South Africa needed to urgently implement its own infrastructure to continue trading, following a split from its distribution partner. The company was looking for a fully functional customer and consumer contact center on an extremely tight deadline.


Avanade successfully showed the value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and demonstrated its telephony functionality, as well as how their current ERP solution would be integrated. We designed a solution to empower and provide call center agents with relevant sales information, in a proactive and meaningful manner.


Account relationships in Microsoft CRM and the company’s ERP system are now automated; agents receive triggered updates when new customer details are added. Agents also have access to unique look-up values from the ERP system relating to depots, employees, payment terms and customer regions, giving them a 360-degree view of the customer.


HEINEKEN case study

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