Nippon Paint brings customers and partners together with Digital Workplace solution

Business Situation

Nippon Paint China recently redesigned its open e-commerce website, resulting in a platform that connects clients and Nippon Paint as well as other home decoration partners. The company also acknowledged the need for a more robust digital workplace for its internal employees in order to meet the challenge that this new e-commerce website would bring.

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint Case Study


The Avanade team recognised the challenges and opportunities that Nippon Paint were facing. With this in mind, Avanade's first task was to redesign the User interface for the eCommerce platform backend in order to make the user's interaction for its employees as simple and efficient as possible. These changes in the user experience made a real difference in how their employees operate on a daily basis, making processes more intuitive and efficient.

Moreover, Avanade helped to enhance management of the back-end system (SharePoint 2013) with functionality to improve how they manage and edit the website content and graphics. Additionally, a new function was designed to streamline how customers are better able to work through their own home design concepts. In practice, this means that when a customer sends a request for home design from the new website, Nippon paint is able to see, respond and assign the right designer in an effective and efficient manner.


  • Provide a unique and consistent user experience
    With the redesign of the user interface, the platform now provides a consistent user experience, simplifying the content and processes. The internal end users now are able to see a consistent and intuitive view of Nippon and their 3rd parties’ products and offerings.
  • Centralisation of assets
    With the backend eCommerce platform, all content and images will be consolidated in one place so the employees will be able to spend less time and effort to manage these assets.
  • Simplifying processes to improve efficiency
    The eCommerce platform owner now can use the system to capture, process and report daily customers’ requests for a home designer. This enables them to see the client need in detail and with budget estimates, which they can then submit to the designer in a timely manner.

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