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Business Situation

Siemens is a global organisation with over 350,000 employees spread across nearly every major country around the world. It sells countless products across multiple industries and regularly acquires new companies to support its complex operations. In the past, it could take months to integrate these acquisitions into the IT ecosystem and get them and the acquired employees working seamlessly at Siemens. These migrations became a challenge from both an organisational and technological perspective, so Siemens partnered with Avanade to assist.

“Avanade gave us the most flexibility and the highest engagement, which were our biggest criteria. On every layer, this was a great partnership.”

Thomas Müller-Lynch Active Directory Architect, Siemens


Using an agile approach with collaboration between multiple cross-functional teams, we helped Siemens build a new active directory migration factory that will help the company adopt more speed and flexibility into its migration and integration processes.


Key business results of the new migration factory include:

  • Active directory infrastructure was reduced by two-thirds.
  • Siemens gained incredible IT infrastructure insights.
  • The company is able to scale up to 25,000 migrations every week.
  • Multiple servers and applications were re-mapped to the correct responsibilities.

Thanks to a successful delivery by Avanade, the Siemens active directory has been reloaded as a base for future growth.

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