Sorgenia transforma a sua relação com os seus clientes com a ajuda do Microsoft Dynamics AX e MECOMSS

Situação empresarial

Formed in 1999 with the liberalisation of Italy’s energy market, Sorgenia is one of Italy’s top gas and electric power operators with 200,000 customers and 3.2 gigawatts of electric power generation capability in four combined-cycle plants.

Sorgenia defined a new business plan with Accenture that included a strong push towards business customers and a much rationalised IT cost structure. To achieve this, Sorgenia needed a more flexible and integrated customer service platform.


Accenture and Avanade identified Dynamics AX and MECOMS as the most suitable platform for the flexible, rich customer service capabilities required to transform Sorgenia’s engagement with their SMB and Enterprise customers.


Dynamics AX and Ferranti MECOMS provided Sorgenia with an integrated end-to-end platform from customer acquisition and care to metering, billing and credit management. This proved to be a compelling option for a midsize utility focusing on high value-added business customers.

  • Strongly improved TCO compared with existing fragmented solutions
  • Deployed 464 AX seats and 55 CRM online seats
  • Unique, replicable solution and collaborative model for utilities in competitive Italian market

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