Tullow Oil's journey to cloud SAP

Business Situation

Tullow Oil — a leading oil and gas exploration company — was interested in taking advantage of the technology available in cloud and through cloud services. Trying to take its first bite of a legitimate cloud-enabled strategy, it needed a partner to help make sure that its first steps in were safe ones. The company contracted Accenture and was able to leverage their relationship with Microsoft and Avanade – a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, drawing on the best and brightest to work on their project.

“After you make that first move to the public cloud with a significant piece of your application portfolio, it does embolden you to look at other areas in your portfolio of services that you can migrate to the cloud. It gives you more flexibility to drive that digital agenda.”

Chris Rivinus, Head of Business Systems and Information, Tullow Oil


The move into the public cloud occurred with very little business disruption, and users of the SAP environment didn’t require much effort to get running on the new platform.


Tullow Oil has quickly recognised benefits and improvements in the performance of its SAP platform since moving into the public cloud, including new disaster recovery and business continuity options that are available through its innate architecture. While its push to the public cloud was about improving its business today, Tullow Oil now has a platform on which it can begin experimenting with the cutting-edge technologies that are being built and delivered through the cloud.

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Tullow Oil's journey to cloud SAP

How migrating SAP to the public cloud helped Tullow Oil achieve cost flexibility, agility, risk mitigation and a platform for future innovation.


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