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In a world where businesses are trying to get closer to their customer to deliver beautifully branded customer experiences, the question we often hear from our clients is, “What do I focus on next and how do I get there?”

In this episode we address those questions and focus on some key strategies that organisations are applying to create exceptional digital experiences. Tune in and hear from our moderator, Anthony Wickham, Avanade’s Digital Executive, who interviews Terry Fortescue, VP of Product Marketing at Sitecore and Rowan Holloway, Sr. Product Leader at Volvo Cars about ways for companies to achieve quick wins that lead into long-standing gains to ultimately deliver standout customer experiences.

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Anthony Wickham

Anthony Wickham
Digital Executive, Avanade

Anthony drives the growth of digital enablement to help enterprises deliver exceptional customer experiences that yield momentous business results through innovative digital and cloud-enabling services.

Featured Guests



Terry Fortescue
Vice President of Product Marketing, Sitecore

Terry has had a long history in digital media and digital marketing and has examined how some of the best customers and partners set up their technology stack to achieve quick wins but evolve into long-term, smart investments.

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Rowan Holloway
Senior Product Leader, Volvo Cars

Rowan is a digital marketing expert and leads the strategy development for the global solution of volvocars.com, one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands in the global automotive industry.

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