Hearts, minds and machines

The greatest inhibitor to technological advancement is no longer technology itself. It’s how we harness and control its power. How humans collectively adapt to incredible new capabilities.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are set to change the way we work, play and live forever. However, with new technology comes challenges as well as opportunity. In this episode, we discuss these in full.

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Maria Muller
Director, Intelligent Industry Solutions Lead, Avanade UKI

Maria works at the forefront of AI systems, creating solutions that provide answers to impactful questions that experts never even thought to ask.

Featured Guest

Annette Giardina
Executive, Business Applications Lead, Avanade UKI

Annette works closely with customers, partners and strategists to help develop winning customer experience and management strategies that drive winning experiences for customers and staff.

Inteligência artificial (IA)

Alcance mais com IA centrada no ser humano.

Prever o que se segue com análises e IA

Guia de seis passos para estar preparado para a IA.

Porquê a IA?

85% dos executivos acredita que para ter sucesso no futuro, os líderes das empresas terão de gerir seres humanos e máquinas.

Next steps

Find out how our insights can be applied to help your business realise results.

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